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  • Understanding the Security Layers Required to Protect Data

    10th September

    We know that keeping sensitive data secure requires multiple layers of integrated security, from users and devices, to applications and firewalls, through to storage and infrastructure security. So, how can organisations create an integrated...

  • Offsite Backups Are Essential for Protecting Your Business

    4th September

    Data backup and disaster recovery solutions are nothing new, but they have become far more essential to organisations in every industry. Basically, if your business collects data, you are risking your entire business if you don’t have a...

  • Escape From Email With Business Process Automation

    4th September

    No matter which customers you’re serving or the daily tasks that need to be completed, every organisation is seeking to find new efficiencies in their workflows. Can business process automation finally allow us to escape from emails?

  • Meeting the Tech Needs of Tomorrow’s Workforce

    20th August

    As we’ve witnessed firsthand this year, our organisations only go as far as our people can. When our workforce can’t access the data and tools they need to perform their role and serve our customers, we quickly cease to function.

  • Preparing for the Pivot: The IT Agility to Create New Business Models

    20th August

    In low growth environments, the agility to pivot your business towards new opportunities is essential. Businesses in every sector have all had a short sharp lesson about the need for agility in 2020.

  • Every PC Decision Is a Security Decision

    30th July

    A new variant of malware appears on the internet roughly every 4 seconds. It’s a battle that all Australian organisations have to face, and your endpoint devices are the front-line of defence. Do your staff have the necessary tools for a...

  • Multi-factor Authentication Is Now Essential for Staying Protected

    15th July

    With the vast majority of data breaches being caused by compromised passwords, it’s best to assume passwords on their own are no longer keeping your organisation secure. Multi-factor authentication has become the minimum requirement for...

  • Understanding the Essential 8 Cybersecurity Strategy

    14th July

    Following a spate of recent high profile security incidents and a warning from the Prime Minister, Australian organisations are all being advised to get implement the Essential 8 Cybersecurity Mitigation Strategies.

  • The Lessons Learnt Through a Work From Home Workforce

    14th July

    Unless you were speaking to a particularly pessimistic virologist, very few experts could have predicted the disruption we’ve seen in 2020. Some industries have been hit harder than others, but every aspect of our daily lives has been...

  • Coping with the Data Demands of the Future

    14th July

    As much as we rely on data to deliver the business insights that drive competitive advantage, our ability to collect and store data hasn’t kept pace with our ability to manage it. IT leaders are now tasked with managing a highly complex...