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As an  Atlassian Gold Partner, Area9's Enterprise Business Services team can help you get started with Atlassians Jira® software and realise the full potential that process automation can deliver to your business.

Software Automation - Jira®
  • Automation has long been a hot topic, and we see new examples of automation in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Yet many of the processes in our business are still overly reliant on manual processes that we know could be performed more efficiently. 

    While digitalisation enabled organisations to move away from paper-based processes, we seem to have adopted a range of digital processes that are almost as arduous, and just as poorly organised. This is why many organisations are turning to business process automation tools to revolutionise the way they serve customers – both internally and externally. 

    Atlassian’s stable of Jira solutions offer organisations a variety of avenues for introducing business process automation. According to a survey of Jira customers, more than half of people who have automated their work with Jira say it saves them more than six hours per month, and 87% say it helps them scale the way their organizations work.

    Transform business worflows using Atlassians Jira® software, ContactUs today at Area9 and find out how.