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Plan, track and work your way with the power of Jira. By streamlining your workflows, this software helps your team work better together, improve productivity and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Why Choose Jira Work Management?

  • Easily view, track and manage work across your team
  • Use Jira for any team in your business—from marketing, to finance, legal and more
  • Edit and complete work faster than ever
  • Ideal for simple through to complex projects and processes
  • Granular control over security, privacy and workflows
  • Allows smooth teamwork between distributed teams

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Your Trusted Partner

Enjoy competitive pricing and seamless migration to Jira Work Management with our IT experts.

  • We offer competitive pricing on Jira Work Management through our partnership with Atlassian
  • Our certified Jira experts will analyse your business to ensure your Jira setup meets your needs and desired outcomes
  • We can help you get great deals on plugins and access to senior resources
  • You’ll be supported with ongoing support from our IT experts
  • We’ve implemented hundreds of Jira plugins over the years and can quickly identify the best solutions for your needs

The Easy Way to Track Work and Empower Your Team

Never Miss a Beat

Stay on top of projects the easy way! Jira Work Management includes multiple views to help your team plan, track and complete their tasks


Get a quick overview and easily edit tasks.


Create a custom workflow for your team where you can drag and drop tasks.


Check, manage and make sure you hit deadlines.


Plan, allocate and map out work for larger projects.

Designed for Every Team

Jira Work Management is made to empower every team in your organisation. Create workflows for any project with unparalleled versatility and great customisable features.



Human Resources




Human Resources

Live Reporting with Custom Charts for Jira

Are you already using Jira Work Management? Take it up a level with a free 3 month trial of Custom Charts from Old Street Solutions. This plugin allows anyone in your team to create beautiful custom charts, reports and dashboards in seconds. Until now, only developers could do this—with Custom Charts, everyone can easily discover and share insights straight from Jira Work Management.

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How Will it Benefit My Team?

  • Give everyone in your team the power to create custom Jira reports
  • Improve visibility with live reporting
  • Reduce the expense and risk of having one person in charge of reporting
  • Save time and eliminate knowledge bottlenecks
  • Customise the look and feel to create consistent, branded and reliable reports

Take a Look Around

Want to get a quick preview of Custom Charts for Jira? Explore the interactive playground below to browse all the great features.

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