5 Tips for Mobile Security from Area9

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Mobile malware is the fastest growing industry for criminal software developers. In 2013 alone, nearly 4 million virus carrying apps were used by cybercriminals to distribute mobile malware 98.5% of all the mobile malware detected in 2013 was targeting Android phones.

This malware targets mobile phone and tablet platforms. Information-stealing and ransom demanding malware are among the most prevalent.
Some steal data from incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and address books. Others encrypt data or take control of the phone.

When employees use their own mobile devices for company business, your business information could be at risk. 

So what should small and medium sized business do to minimise the risk? 

Follow some simple rules:

  1.  Ensure anyone using a mobile device are using the Lock screen feature.
  2.  Be cautious when installing apps and limit the number and use of apps for business and non-business purposes.
  3.  Watch out for SMS’s containing links – never tap on a link in a text message from someone you don’t know. Don’t open or respond to SMS coming from a number you don’t recognize as it could be a SMS-trojan.
  4. Consider installing anti-virus software for your mobile device from a trusted vendor
  5. Raise awareness about mobile security risk to your employees. Set some rules about the use and connection of their own mobile devices at work.

Remember, Prevention is better than cure, so don’t leave your business information security to chance.

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