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Could your software asset management strategy be more efficient?

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Area9’s team includes software licensing specialists that can help you safely traverse the world of software procurement, whether you need a one-off license or subscription agreement.

Let our team take the complexity out of setup and ongoing management of your subscription service.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you with your software asset management strategy or if you’re ready to purchase you can visit our online store.

How much time do you spend on…

Vendor Liaising

Dealing directly with vendors can quickly turn into a very time-consuming activity. Layers of bureaucracy coupled with offshore support centres makes general enquiries anything but that.


Ever gone to execute an urgent task only to find you're up for renewal and must manually go through the process before being able to get back to work? Renewals can quickly be lost or forgotten if not managed correctly.


If you’re like most businesses and run a host of different apps from different vendors, than you’d be aware of how quickly invoicing can snowball. How good would it be if all your software payments were collated into a single invoice?

Often quickly forgotten in the grand scheme of business management, software licensing can present several headaches when not kept on top of.

Area9 handle all of this for you so you can focus on what is most important, your business.

So let Area9 take it from here

Software Asset Management

We maintain a license and warranty database, ensuring you’re always made aware of changes and renewals, while payment is made simple with everything collated on the one invoice.

One point of Contact

No more contacting one person, only to be diverted to 3 more departments for a simple renewal. We act as the conduit between you and the vendor.

Software Optimisation

We take the time to understand you – your requirements, goals, and work styles. From this information we identify the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Gap Analysis

Are you a new customer? We can conduct a gap analysis of your entire environment to assess what you’re paying for, and potentially don’t need to be paying for.


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