Voice over Internet (VOIP)

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Today’s businesses no longer need to use dated PBX (Personal Branch Exchange) systems to manage their phone services. IP Telephony enables business to leverage the power of the data network to deliver enhanced phone services to better support the business need and deliver amazing cost savings compared to traditional phone call. Voice over IP (VOIP) delivers services better than a standard PBX, but using your company's network (LAN and WAN) data network rather than through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to significantly reduce the reliance on costly phone companies and dedicated phone lines.

Area9’s 3CX Services
Benefits of 3CX & IP Telephony
  • Area9 has  partnered with 3CX for leading VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. Whether you to take advantage of VoIP between your branches offices or a cloud hosted telephony service Area9 can help. Area9 partners with the best in the VoIP technology providers in the industry and can deliver the right system for your business.

  • Imagine phoning from office to office at no cost, that’s the power of  IP Telephony  no more massive phone bills. Further to this todays phone systems can live in the cloud with fully hosted telephony systems. Talk to Area9 today to find out how to benefit from VoIP services and help your business to stop paying from phone calls you shouldn’t have to pay for.

    Area9’s VoIP solutions help you to:

    • Reduce call and phone costs
    • Enhance Mobility
    • Annual low cost annual license fee 
    • Over 100,000 installation worldwide