Private Cloud

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Area9 private cloud is a set of hardware, networking, storage, services, applications, and interfaces owned and operated by Area9 for the use of our customers.

Area9 private cloud is a highly controlled environment not open for public consumption. Thus, Area9 private cloud sits behind a firewall. The private cloud is highly automated with a focus on governance, security, and compliance. Automation replaces more manual processes of managing IT services to support customers. In this way, business rules and processes can be implemented inside software so that the environment becomes more predictable and manageable.

Area9's Private Cloud offers:
Area9's Private Cloud benefits:
    • Cloud industry standards in security and privacy
    • 24 /7 Systems monitoring
    • Multiple levels of redundancy
    • Efficient load balancing
    • Fully managed server and network infrastructure
    • Infrastructure scalability 
    • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • What Area9 Private Cloud offers exceed all the industry standards in security and privacy.
    With a particular attention to the security and a team which is monitoring your cloud 24/7, there is nothing left to chance.
    A professional team is here to look after your Private Cloud so you can be at peace