Hybrid Cloud

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A hybrid cloud is a combination of a private cloud combined with the use of public cloud services where one or several touch points exist between the environments. Hybrid Cloud combines services and data from a variety of cloud models to create a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment.

Combining public services with private clouds and the data centre as a hybrid is the new definition of corporate computing. A hybrid cloud is an environment where the private and public services are used together to create value.

Area9’s Hybrid Cloud offers:
Benefits of Hybrid Cloud
    • Use a public development platform that sends data to Area9's private cloud / data centre
    • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    • Design a business process as a service so that it can connect with environments as though they were a single environment.
    • Scalability; whilst private clouds do offer a certain level of scalability depending on their configurations (whether they are hosted internally or externally for example), public cloud services will offer scalability with fewer boundaries because resource is pulled from the larger cloud infrastructure. By moving as many non-sensitive functions as possible to the public cloud it allows an organisation to benefit from public cloud scalability whilst reducing the demands on a private cloud.
    • Cost efficiencies; again public clouds are likely to offer more significant economies of scale (such as centralised management), and so greater cost efficiencies, than private clouds. Hybrid clouds therefore allow organisations to access these savings for as many business functions as possible whilst still keeping sensitive operations secure.
    • Security; the private cloud element of the hybrid cloud model not only provides the security where it is needed for sensitive operations but can also satisfy regulatory requirements for data handling and storage where it is applicable
    • Flexibility; the availability of both secure resource and scalable cost effective public resource can provide organisations with more opportunities to explore different operational avenues