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Secure cloud is the future

Cloud computing is an evolution of the way business can use IT. Area9's Cloud can re-create your entire IT infrastructure and environment in a more reliable and secure local Data Centre based in Australia. The location of your Data Centre is crucial for your business information security and rights, as well as the delivery of your applications across either the internet or via dedicated high speed network connections to your business.

Area9's Cloud computing enables you to Pay-As-U-Go for all your cloud storage, software, hardware, IT support and more. Area9's Cloud computing and infrastructure gives you the freedom to scale your requirements as they change, giving your business room to grow. Choosing Area9 Cloud & Infrastructure service, also means you can avoid costly system and licensing upgrades and enjoy the benefits of having a local team of Area9 experts' taking care of your systems, day and night.

Area9's Cloud computing and Infrastructure delivers higher levels of security, availability, performance, scalability and flexibility for your business IT infrastructure, with minimal or no capital expenditure.

What you will gain by switching with Area9's cloud computing:

  • Free up capital expenditure - eliminate buying IT infrastructure, no need to budget frequent upgrades so you can spend your savings on your business growth
  • Reduce the hidden costs and go green - reduce power and cooling costs and only pay for what you need
  • Unlimited access to trendy technology - access sophisticated and innovative IT infrastructure, high-availability systems, firewalls and backups
  • High security - enjoy multiple levels of redundancy, nightly crash-consistent backups and rapid recovery
  • Monitoring and management - Area9 provides proactive IT infrastructure monitoring, certified professional staff and 24h IT support

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