Network Security

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Data networks represent the glue that pulls organisational information together and allows or denies access for consumers of the organisations information. Today the boundaries of the corporate network often extend beyond the companies premises and with the mobility of new types of end user computing devices traditional network borders are changing. Organisations want borderless access to corporate information whether they are in the office on a PC or out of the office and they want it through mobile phones, tablet computers, hybrids and other devices. Corporate access from both public and/or private locations is expected.

Area9’s Network Security offers
Benefits of Network Security
  • Network security is more than simply managing components of hardware that connect organisational resources, PC’s, printers etc.. Network security relates to the systems, software, policies and practices to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse or denial of access to the organisational resources.

    Typically network security starts with authentication and authorisation of access to the corporate resources. Consideration should be given to who should have access to what and what levels of access they should have. Once this is established corporations can implement appropriate strategies and services to ensure appropriate network security is adopted.

    Network security solutions can include policies, process and systems to reduce the risk of unwanted access to corporate systems and information.

  • No matter what business you’re in, if you are connected to the internet you are putting your business at risk. Many organisations suffer from network security intrusions without even knowing it. Prevention is far better than the cure and when it comes to protecting your data the cost of failure can be excessive. Area9 is a great partner to help you understand and avoid those risks.