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Arguably one of the most important assets for any business of any size is the information that it keeps. Corporate documentation, business data, intellectual property, customer records, financial information, plans and contracts are all examples of data that needs to be protected.

Protecting your information assets is critical to every business and the stakes are high when it comes to the cost of IT security breaches, the dangers are very real. The impact of a security breach on business can catastrophic not just from a data loss perspective but from a reputation perspective.

When it comes to business information technology the threats can come from many directions. Firstly business should consider where the threats to their businesses may lie. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) should be considered to monitor network traffic for malicious activity.

Loss of data can compromise the businesses intellectual capital, customer privacy, potentially breach legislation and have a catastrophic impact on an organisations reputation. Data leakage/loss prevention (DLP) is one way to address this.

Area9 has experience and can assist with security products including the following categories:

  • Wireless & Wired Network security
  • Mobile data and phone security
  • Next generation firewalls
  • IDS/IPS Systems
  • Endpoint security
  • Internet security
  • IT security management

Area9’s experienced engineers are available to help organisations of all sizes access and manage the risks associated with IT security.

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