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A research commissioned by the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB) showed that over 60% of IT managers perceived a business risk to the organisation where they work because of unmanageable IT estates.

It was identified that 4 main areas of risk to an organisation are:

  1. Legal Risk: the risk of legal action to defend against use of UNLICENSED, unauthorised or pirate software.
  2. Commercial Risk: the over-purchasing of software assets subsequently not used by the organisation, buying outside volume licence agreements, under-licensing which can lead to costly reconciliations.
  3. Operation Risk: the possibility of disrupted service because of system failure due to a virus. This is especially common in the case of counterfeit software.
  4. Reputational Risk: the impact of unfavourable publicity through lack of legitimate licensing, which could result in poor customer perception and even a drop in share price.

The report identified the areas of risk that IT management and general management associate with software licensing and software asset management (SAM). It has highlighted a difference in perception in key areas, driving a disconnection between IT and procurement that results in the ineffective management of software licenses within business Outsourcing the procurement and management of your hardware and licences, will allow you to get the latest software available, available support, the right volume of licences require for your business and protect you against risks identified above.

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