Cloud, yes but a secure one!

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Cloud, Cloud Cloud… Everyone is talking about Cloud but how can you ensure your business data are accessible, protected and most of all remains your property forever.

According to figures from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), over 75% of businesses are now using at least one Cloud-based service. And an estimated 80% of current Cloud users are planning to increase their IT spend in the Cloud.

There are a number of offers available and it’s important to know how to choose the right one?

  • Security: Few years ago conventional security meant protecting machines that sat in a server room in the office, in the era of the Cloud, IT staff are unable to physically inspect the systems that hold their data. This is why, Cloud providers have put in place a number of steps to minimise security risk with strong password, multiple identification steps and encrypted data.
  • Ownership of your data: Lots of competition means as a business you can switch to a better offer or service when you want to. Although it sounds easy, fine print usually hides the important facts. Does the Cloud provider you are using entitle you to retrieve your data if you decide to switch? Cloud service providers might not be obligated to hand back all your business data.
  • Privacy: It is important for a business to ensure that the Cloud they use is not open to public consumption. Thus the use of a Private Cloud (like Area9 Cloud) offers multiple advantages with a focus on governance, security and compliance to Australian privacy laws. Private Cloud allows more flexibility and predictability in managing your business data and systems.

Investing in the right Cloud service provider with the right level of protection is priceless when losing business data could be costly.

We live in a world of many Clouds and it can be confusing, with so many different offers available. This is why, Area9 is more than happy to provide you with its expertise and advice at No cost through its free IT consulting session. Call Area9 on 8984 2500 or email to schedule your free consulting appointment.