How well do you protect your business online?

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The 11th of February was marked by the International Safer Internet Day. This is no fresh news to say that Internet is part of our daily lives and it will keep growing that way.

Not only we can buy our grocery online, share pictures of our beloved family and important life event on social networks and emails but we also pay our bills, manage our banking online, all these actions that were facilitated by the emerging of user friendly apps.

We will agree that we are active in the evolution of our daily internet action with these new tools and would not want to go back, right? So the real question is how well you secured your information, data for your business and private life.

So ask yourself:

  • When was your last computer scan?
  • Do you have a firewall and/or anti-virus on? Is it up to date?
  • How strong are your passwords? Do you use long phrase mixing capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbol?
  • Are you doing any financial and other sensitive transactions on a device over public wireless networks?
  • Are your business vital information safe? Is your server storage out of virtual risk?

 To ensure you have a healthy internet behaviour reset your passwords often, use long passwords mixing lower and capital letters with number and symbols. Protect your computer with an updated anti-virus and firewall and secure your business data into a professional cost effective backup and recovery systems. If you want to make sure all your information are safe and secure, call us for a check on (08) 8984 2500 or