HP National PC Partner of the Year

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HP National PC Partner of the Year

With over 20 years’ experience delivering HP products to the commercial and public sector since 2007, talk to us today about upgrading your device fleet with HP’s Elite Family of PC’s.

Why Area9

Area9 deliver world class ICT professional services, ICT products, datacentre and cloud hosting solutions. Highly experienced at delivering the right solution to organisations of all sizes, we provide a team of IT experts so you can focus on what grows your business.

We pride ourselves on supporting your organisation to become an efficient and productive entity while keeping your IT costs manageable and effective. Talk to us and explore how we can plan, design, implement and manage your IT needs.

Mobility Adoption

The landscape of work is changing, how and where it gets completed is no longer a guaranteed location, or block of time. Across industries, we’re seeing a migration towards a more flexible work style, one that is always-on, with workers completing tasks from anywhere and at any time. It’s a migration reflected in the rapid adoption of HP Elite business laptops; ultra-portable with vast improvements in weight, performance, and appearance.

Secure your Device

With the rapid adoption of flexible work practices in an always-on landscape, the importance of endpoint security has only become more magnified. There’s a growing acceptance of and need for built-in security features that protect your business-critical data and applications, both inside and outside the office.

HP have been developing industry-leading embedded technology that secures the foundation of your PC.


HP Sure Recover

Quickly restore your PC to its latest image. All you need is a network connection.


HP Sure Run

Thanks to self-healing protection, you can keep your applications running in the event that malware attempts to shut them down.


HP Sure Start Gen4

Thanks to hardware enforced selfhealing, automatically recover your BIOS in the event of an attack.

Secure your Identity

Employee identity lies at the heart of every organisation, and as such, it’s imperative you protect that. These embedded technology features work to keep you and your staff’s identities and data secure.


HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2

Enforced by Intel Authenticate Technology, beef up your security with upwards of 3 authentication factors.


HP Sure Click

Helps you avoid potentially malicious websites and in-browser .pdf files with warning signs before clicking.


HP Sure View Gen2

An integrated privacy screen developed to protect your details against visual hacking.

An Elite Experience

Elevate your Device Game

Talk to our highly experienced sales support team about securing your future, and lifting your overall user experience and business productivity with the HP Elite Family of PCs.