Is your business Mobility Ready?

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Wireless 4G internet and the NBN’s high-speed internet is expanding business networks and enabling productivity on the move.

It used to be the case that employees needed to be in the office to stay in touch, but now it’s easier than ever for them to work wherever they are – at home, at the airport, and even in the car.

We’re only beginning to understand the possibilities that high-speed internet and low cost connectivity can bring. From wearable internet devices such as intelligent glasses and smart watches to connected vehicles and cloud aware elevators the boundaries are endless. So there can’t be a better time to innovate and integrate communications and the internet into machines. The “Internet of Things” is revolutionising many industries and delivering previously unimaginable outcomes.

According to the GSM Association, which represents the interests of mobile companies worldwide, more than 50 % of new cars sold during 2015 will offer high-speed internet connectivity – either integrated into the vehicle or in the form of smartphone integration. High speed 4G technology will create a “mobile hotspot” – essentially replicating office connectivity in your vehicle.

For years, the connected car was largely about in-vehicle tracking and satellite navigation. But with the arrival of 4G in-car hotspots, cars could soon offer most of the functionality of the office, too.

Mobility is the key, now is the time to ensure you are mobility-ready and that you integrate mobility as part of your business strategy, so you don’t miss out on this new wave.

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