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Why Microsoft Office 365  and why with Area9 ?  

Office 365 is the same Microsoft Office that you already know and use everyday… plus a whole lot more. It’s just based in the cloud instead of a physical machine in your office or datacentre. It also means you don’t need to worry about updating hardware, because with cloud-based applications, the updates happen regularly and automatically.

This difference allows you to access your up-to-date applications and files from virtually anywhere – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone etc.

Microsoft has some great resources and information on Office 365, but there are always a few questions that are harder to find answers for. We’ve included just a few of the more common questions below. If you have any other questions, please email Area9 or call 08 8984 2500 - we’d love to hear from you. Area9 recommends Microsoft software.

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Why Area9?
  • Q. What’s the difference between Microsoft Exchange and Office 365?

    A. Office 365 includes Exchange Online – a cloud hosted version of the familiar Exchange.  This version is managed and maintained by Microsoft themselves in their world-wide network of datacentres so you don’t have to worry about configuring, updating or maintaining the software yourself. Check out Microsoft 365 demo site

    Q. What are the differences between Office 365 and the original Microsoft Office that I already use?

    Office 365 is a cloud-based bundle that also includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.  along with Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Lync.  The key difference though is with Office 365 you can choose a number of different ways to access and use those applications.  This includes installing them on your PC or Mac the way you did previously, but also accessing them from any browser or from a tablet or smartphone.  They also include some advanced collaboration features that aren’t available in the stand-alone version.

    Q. I already own copies of the traditional Microsoft Office suite – can I use those with Office 365?

    A.  You can use existing copies of Microsoft Office 2007 or later, however Office 2007 will have some limited functionality with Office 365.  You can combine Office 365 licences that don’t include a downloadable copy of Office with those that do to minimise your costs as long as all your licences are in the same category. i.e. Small Business, Mid-Sized Business etc

    Q. What are the differences between all the Office 365 plans

    A. There are 3 business types of plans catering to:

    • Small Business:  This is a bundle consisting of the traditional Office elements, plus Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Lync.  You are limited to 25 users and you can choose whether you want to included downloadable and installable versions of Office or just use online versions.
    • Mid-Sized Business: These plans are similar to the Small Business plans, but include up to 300 users with some more advanced features like Active Directory integration
    • Enterprise: These are the most comprehensive plans and can be used by any sized business with no limits on the number of users.  They include a number of advanced features including archiving and legal hold, compliance tools and advanced voice capabilities. 


    Download Microsoft Office 365 brochure for a better understanding of this great service for your business.

  • Area9 is a Microsoft Gold Partner with the skills, certifications and experience across all of your IT needs.  Choosing Area9 is the right solution for your business. Area9 recommends Microsoft software

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Area9:

    • has a recognised level of experience and expertise
    • maintains a close relationship with Microsoft
    • provides easy tracking of products and license numbers


    Area9 extensive support ensures you can always get the help you need to keep your business IT running including: 

    • Face to face support
    • On-going local support
    • Management of licenses (number of users, renewal anniversary etc)

    Area9 has over 25 years of experience in Planning, Integrating, Migrating and Project Management supported by qualified, experienced engineers. Area9 can help you switch to Microsoft Office 365 with our trusted project methodology consisting of:

    • Plan – Area9 will ensure that we understand the structure of your business, your needs and prepare an action plan together so you are aware of the process. Christmas time is the best time to subscribe to Office 365 with quieter business conditions so you don’t need to put it off any longer.
    • Migrate –Area9’s peace-of-mind guarantee during the migration ensures there won’t be any loss of emails and minimal downtime so your business can still operate as usual
    • Support – pre and post sales suppor at no cost including proactive license management.