Managed IT Services

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Area9 provides a range of IT services from analysing needs and designing IT systems and networks, to installing, managing and monitoring those systems, providing the expertise to advise businesses on the ICT technologies that will meet their short and long-term objectives.

Area9 minimises risk by utilising proven methodologies; planning and building solutions that achieve results efficiently while creating a strong foundation for the future. Area9 believes people count most in this consultative process, which is why we draw on expert advice internally and externally to deliver first class results.

Area9’s Managed IT services offers:
Benefits of Managed IT Services
  • Area9’s IT Project Management Services range from the implementation of large-scale, enterprise wide projects to a simple review of IT services. During the project process we work to guide our clients through training, deployment and implementation and maintenance initiatives in a structured and professional manner. Ultimately, project management is about delivering defined outcomes on time and within budget and our team have an excellent track record in the delivery of projects.

    • Customer Service IT service desk, ICT support/service and incident management services.
    • Formalised change and release management services
    • Rapid response on-site support services
    • Pro-active system monitoring and alerting services
    • Configuration management
    • CT product procurement and logistics services
    • Our consulting services range from technology planning to systems integration

    To ensure we consistently monitor our performances under our contractual relationships we have a well-defined contract management framework in place designed to help us work effectively with the client to successfully resolve potential and actual issues within the lifetime of the contract.

    Area9 offers flexible Managed IT Service options allowing you to outsource part or all of your IT infrastructure.
    This service includes:

    • Managed Servers
    • Managed Devices (thin clients, PCs, laptops)
    • Managed Networks
    • Proactive System Checks - A proactive check of the critical systems of your servers. (we check: Connectivity
    • CPU usage, Memory usage, System uptime, Backup status, Virus updates)
    • Scheduled Site Visits
  • Outsourcing your IT services can help your business in so many different ways:
    Compliance and security: It will ensure that all your software and security firewall are up to date and protected against new malwares.
    Control IT costs: converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allow you to keep a more effective budget, as you only pay for what you use and need

    Stay focused on your core business: with limited resources, times and attention, outsourcing services that require a large knowledge and expertise will help you stay focus on your business and not get stressed about making complex IT decisions.

    Trained, Experienced, Qualified and Certified: You could get a certification for HP servers or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers but the experience in dealing with similar or more complex situation is as important as a certification. Expertise is the key to a good IT managed service.

    Reduce labour cost and running cost: Development, research and development of your IT is important to increase efficiency and competitiveness but outsourcing to a company that has already done it to another infrastructure will help you reduce this high cost.

    Reduce risk: outsourcing prevents you from assuming and managing IT related risks. It also free your business from decision to avoid risk in areas of expertise.

    Outsourcing can help small business to act and use the same level of technologies that large corporation can afford in-house. An independent third party managed cost structure and economy of scale can give your company a competitive advantage.