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Client description

Type of industry: Irrigation and Water Management Solutions
Size: Medium
Site: Think Water Darwin

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Think Water Darwin’s founder and managing director, Adam Stockwell has more than 20 years’ experience in designing, installing and managing irrigation projects for a wide array of customers. The Think Water Darwin team has the expertise to supply, install and service any irrigation, pumping and water management project for agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential application.

Client needs

With so many cloud solutions to choose from, Think Water Darwin were looking for a unique solution to meet their needs for greater efficiency and visibility in managing their operations

IT Solutions advised

Business Analytics

Client Quote

“We're making the right decision by getting the experts in to get it right the first time. We don’t even want to consider the cost of getting it wrong as it’s about more than just technology, as this also influences our culture.  Area9 have enabled me to talk with confidence to my team about the change, because it is quite a major transition. We’re looking forward to engaging Robert and the team at Area9 on other similar projects in the future.”

Adam Stockwell, Think Water Darwin Managing Director